Kanisa-yi Asyaban
Isfahan, Iran

This building is located in the Jewish quarter of Isfahan in the Jubarah district. The site for this synagogue was donated by Mr. Hayyim and Shmu'il Asyaban, while the local community funded the construction project. According to a stone engraving, this synagogue was built in 1908. 

The exterior façade is simple and modest, consisting of an unadorned wall with a small blue gate that opens onto a street. The entrance portal leads onto a courtyard built at a level lower than the street level. The entrance to the prayer room is located on the southern side of the building. The sitting areas are close to the main walls and there is no women’s section in this synagogue. The bema is located in the center of the building under a central skylight. Haft-rang tile is used along with brick as the ornamentation in the interior while the building is still being used as a religious space. The building is in good condition but no recent renovations have been carried out.

-- Mohammad Gharipour (September, 2017)

Isfahan, Iran
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كنيساى آسيابان
Kanisa-ye Asyaban
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