Kanisa-yi Hajj Ilyahu
Isfahan, Iran
This building is located in the Jewish quarter of Isfahan in the Jubarah district in Haj Ilyahu alley. The site/land for this synagogue was donated by Haj Ilyahu, and the local community funded the construction project. According to a stone engraving, this synagogue was built in 1888. 

The interior of this synagogue is located below street level. The prayer hall is connected to the street through a very narrow corridor. The prayer hall is centralized around the bema, which is surrounded by series of seats. A skylight covers the bema and provides light for the room.The interior is very well decorated.

The building is still being used as a religious space, is in good condition and no recent renovations have been carried out.

-- Mohammad Gharipour (September, 2017)
Jubarah district in Haj Ilyahu alley, Isfahan, Iran
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كنيساى حچ الیاهو
Kanisa-ye Hajj Elyahu
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