Kanisa-yi Mulla Nisan
Isfahan, Iran
This building is located in the Jewish quarter of Isfahan in the Jubarah district. According to the stone engraving, this synagogue was originally built in 1915, but the bema has been constructed in 1920 by Ibrahim Sasun and Ishaq Sasun. The synagogue was a waqf building and is owned by Mulla Nisan.

The building has a simple exterior. Its interior rooms lie about three feet lower than the street level. Its main entrance is located on the northeast side. it leads onto a vestibule (hashti) giving access to a corridor leading to a side courtyard, and to the northeast corner of the prayer hall.

The prayer hall's plan is regular and rectangular, and divided into a central aisle and two side aisles by four columns. A central skylight over the bema and two big windows on the west wall bring light to the space. The Torah ark is very well decorated, and the interior is generally well decorated, including ornamented columns and walls.

The building is still being used as a religious space and has no recent renovations.

-- Mohammad Gharipour (September, 2017)
Jubarah district, Isfahan, Iran
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bema constructed in 1920
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كنيساى ملا نیسان
Kanisa-ye Molla Nisan
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