Kanisa-yi Shmu'il Sham'un
Isfahan, Iran
This synagogue is located on the main street of the Jubarah distrinct in Isfahan, close to the Fishmongers Square and Mushi Haja Synagogue. According to the stone engraving, this synagogue was originally built in 1909 and was a waqf building founded by Shmu'il Sham'un, who not only bought the land, but also funded the construction. 

The entrance to the building is close to its southeastern corner, where several steps lead down from he street running on the southern side down into an irregularly shaped courtyard, which is lower than street level. The courtyard gives access to the cruciform prayer hall on its northern side.

The prayer hall is centered on a square bay containing the bema, covered by a dome resting on four columns spanned by arches. A tall lantern skylight provides light. Geometrical ornamentation (karbandi) adorns the ceiling. There is a half-story area for women on the eastern side that is visually connected through a brick screen (mushabbak). In addition to the central skylight, there are windows on the southern side but there are no decorated columns on the western side where the Torah is located. Haft-rang tiles decorate the walls.

The building is still being used as a religious space and has been under constant renovation and is currently in good shape.

-- Mohammad Gharipour (September, 2017)
Jubarah district., Isfahan, Iran
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كنيساى شموئل شمعون
Kanisa-ye Shmu'el Sham'un
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