Kanisa-yi Jima'ati
Isfahan, Iran
This synagogue resembles the Buzurg synagogue which is adjacent to it, except that it is bigger and has more decorations. 

The plan is a square. At its center, a dome on four columns spanned by arches covers the bema. A continuous built-in sitting platform surrounds the central space, and chairs close to the bema provide extra seating. Like the Buzurg Synagogue, this building does not have a separate section for women. There is a richly decorated curtain in front of the place where the Torah is stored. The stone capitals and columns are outstanding in terms of design and ornamentation. 

The building is currently under renovation by the Cultural Heritage Organization in Iran.

-- Mohammad Gharipour (September, 2017)
Jubarah District, Isfahan, Iran
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Constructed most probably in late Qajar age
Variant Names
كنيساى جمعاتی
Kanisa-ye Jema'ati
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