Kanisa-yi Buzurg
Isfahan, Iran
There is no inscription confirming the date of construction, but according to the local people (including Ya'qub Nahdaran), the synagogue was built around 1900. 

The prayer hall has a central dome resting on four stone columns spanned by arches. A skylight located on the central bema provides light for the whole interior. This synagogue is called Buzurg (literally meaning “big” in Farsi), as it is slightly larger than the other synagogues of Jubarah. The women’s area is not separated from the men's area and all sitting areas are built-in platforms on surrounding walls. 

The building is still in use, andthanks to the recent renovations made by the Cultural Heritage Organization in Iran, is in good shape.

-- Mohammad Gharipour (September, 2017)
Isfahan, Iran
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كنيساى بزرگ
Kanisa-ye Bozorg
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