Kanisa-yi Gulbahar
Isfahan, Iran
The Gulbahar Synagogue is located in the old city of Isfahan, in the Gubahar district near the Great Bazaar (Bazar-i Qaysariyyah). 

The building has a simple plan. It consists of a large prayer hall roughly rectangular in shape, accessed from the street via a long corridor on its south side, which bypasses the adjacent buildings. The prayer hall is divided into three aisles running east-west by two rows of three columns. The central aisle is much wider than the side aisles, and contains the bema. The side aisles are covered by a second story with a railing used for a separate seating area. On the western wall of the prayer hall, an ornate door leads to the Torah ark.

Isfahan, Iran
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Variant Names
كنيساى گلبهار
Kanisa-ye Golbahar
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