Timchah-i Bakhshi
Kashan, Iran

The Timchah of Bakhshi is a commercial complex within the bazaar of Kashan. It includes a timchah, or vaulted space onto which shops open, and a saray, or guesthouse. The complex takes its name from Hajj-Husayn Bakhshi who commissioned the construction of the space. 

The complex is located in the bazaar area to the northeast of Maydan-i Kamal al-Malik. It is built behind the shops on the covered bazaar street known as Bazar-i Khayyat'ha (Tailor's Bazaar), which branches from the Bazar-i Miyan'chal at a domed intersection in front of the Amin al-Dawla Caravanserai. It has two entrances leading from the bazaar street onto vestibules. The main entrance is at a corner where the northeastern-running street turns at a right angle to run northwest, and then takes another right turn to resume its northeasterly direction. This entrance portal leads through a short hall onto a domed entrance vestibule, which takes the form of a rectangle with angled corners. Straight ahead, on the northeastern wall of the vestibule, is a passage that leads onto the timchah. On the southeastern wall is a passage leading to the saray. Opposite the passage leading to the saray (northwestern wall) is a deep chamber. Each of the four angled corner walls also gives onto a chamber. 

The timchah to the northeast of the entrance vestibule is a rectangular room with angled corners. Three vaults cover this rectangular space, with the central vault being the largest and most ornate. All three have apertures that allow light in, and the ceiling is decorated with a nearly three-dimensional type of geometric strapwork known as yazdi-bandi. The rooms around the timchah are placed higher, overlooking the centrals pace through windows and balconies. They are accessed through small corridors that lead onto pairs of rooms. Two hallways lead off the central space on its northwestern side, one connecting the timchah to the bazaar street, which has wrapped around the exterior of the complex, and another leading onto more rooms.

The saray is an open court, also in the form of a rectangle with angled corners, and rises two stories. It is placed at a lower level than the remainder of the complex and is accessed via a flight of stairs leading from the hallway off the entrance vestibule. Rooms opening onto the courtyard from both levels surround the central space.


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Bazar-i Khayyat'ha (Tailor's Bazaar), Kashan, Iran
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19th/13th c.
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تیمچه بخشی
Timcheh-e Bakhshi
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