Avenue Mohammed V
Rabat, Morocco

This avenue is the central north-south thoroughfare in Rabat. It extends from the medina in the north, around the Assouna Mosque, then taking a more southeasterly trajectory through the Quartier Administratif (الحي الإداري), to the edge of the city. From Av. Al Mansour Addahbi to the traffic circle in front of the train station, the northbound and southbound lanes are separated by a median lined with palm trees and a landscaped grass median. From the train station to Avenue Moulay Hassan, the median narrows to a manicured median.

Among the buildings lining the avenue are the Bank al-Maghrib, the Grande Poste, the Rabat-Ville Train Station, and Hotel Balima, located directly across from the Parliament Building.

Avenue Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco
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شارع محمد الخامس
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