Imamzadah Sultan Amir Ahmad
Kashan, Iran
Imamzadah Sultan Amir Ahmad is domed mausoleum in the city of Kashan, Iran. It may originally date to the Seljuq period but the earliest inscription, commemorating the repair of its conical tiled dome, dates to 1534/941 AH. More work was done during the Qajar period.

The plan of the mausoleum consists of a courtyard with an entrance arch on one side and a large iwan on the other end. The two lateral sides are arcaded. The iwan structure features two tiled minarets. Behind this structure is the domed mausoleum itself. The dome is conical, twelve-surfaced, and decorated exuberantly on the exterior with colored tiles arranged to form geometric patterns.

The mausoleum contains a cistern (ab-anbar) covered with a brick dome, accessible from the courtyard.


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کوچه سلطان امیر احمد, Kashan, Iran
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repaired 19th/13th c. AH
dome repaired 1534/941 AH
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امامزاده سلطان اميراحمد
Emamzadeh Soltan Amir Ahmed
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