Manzil-i Qazvini-ha
Isfahan, Iran
The Manzil-i Qazvini'ha is a nineteenth-century mansion in Isfahan, Iran. Once the residence of a wealthy family, the home was converted to the offices of the Iran Cultural Heritage Organization in Isfahan.

The home contains three main courtyards, and features both andaruni (private) and biruni (public) assemblages of rooms, as well as a service assemblage. Each of these assemblages is arranged around one of the three main courtyards. 

The three sections of the house are accessed via a long arterial corridor running from the main portal at the southeastern corner of the house toward the southwestern end. The biruni section is accessed via a small courtyard half way down the hallway, and occupies the eastern part of the house. Proceeding further, visitors allowed in the private part of the residence reach a vestibule that divides the corridor into two branches: one running north toward the andaruni assemblage, which occupies the northwestern part of the house, and one running south toward the smaller service assemblage, located in the southwestern corner of the house.

The andaruni assemblage is the grandest, arranged around a large rectangular courtyard oriented north-south, paved with stones and featuring a rectangular pool at its north end and a rectangular garden plot at its center. On the north side of the courtyard is a large, vaulted reception room fronted with floor to ceiling windows in three arched bays facing onto the courtyard. Muqarnas and other architectural ornaments adorn this space. Other reception rooms and alcoves line the courtyard. 

The biruni assemblage to the east is arranged around a smaller courtyard, oriented at an axis angled to the southwest. Like the andaruni courtyard, it is paved and features a rectangular pool at its northern end. An ovular garden plot occupies the center of this court. It features reception rooms on all four sides.

The service assemblage is arranged around a small courtyard, again with a rectangular pool at its north end and a small, square garden plot.


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Isfahan, Iran
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19th/13th century AH
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منزل قزوينى ها
Manzil-i Qazvini'ha
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