Ab Anbar-i 'Abd al-Razzaq Khan
Kashan, Iran
The cistern (ab-anbar) of 'Abd al-Razzaq Khan is located in the old city of Kashan, in the neighborhood immediately southwest of the Aqa Buzurg Mosque. It takes the form of a domed subterranean chamber accessed through an iwan-portal on the street which leads onto a barrel-vaulted staircase that descends into the cistern. The well is cooled by means of wind towers (badgir). 


Nārāqī, Ḥasan. Āsār-i tārikhī-i shahristānhā-yi Kāshān va Naṭanz, 304. [Tehran: Anjumān-i āsār-i millī, 1347/1969].

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Kashan, Iran
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18th/12th century AH
Variant Names
آب انبار عبد الرزاق خان
Ab Anbar i Abd al-Razzaq Khan
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