Maqbarah-i Sayyid Waqif
Natanz, Iran
The tomb known as Sayyid Waqif is located in the village of Afushteh on the outskirts of Natanz. A wooden cenotaph inside the tomb is dated to 859 AH (1455 CE). The date of the structure itself is unknown to the author.

The tomb takes the form of an octagonal tower made of baked brick. A dome resting on a cylindrical drum surmounts this base. The exterior of the dome and drum are covered in blue tiles and feature an inscription written in monumental Kufic script. A large porch in the form of a pishtaq covers the area just outside the door to the tomb chamber.


Nārāqī, Ḥasan. Āsār-i tārikhī-i shahristānhā-yi Kāshān va Naṭanz, 409-412. [Tehran: Anjumān-i āsār-i millī, 1348/1969].
Natanz, Iran
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Associated Names
ca. 1455/850 AH
Variant Names
مقبره سيد وافق
Maqbarah-i Sayyid Waqif
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