Hammamet Cultural Center
Hammamet, Tunisia
This open arena and stage, sleeping and rehearsal accommodations, and technical equipment for artistic productions is on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. An existing gateway is used for public access and leads to a large paved area shaded by eucalyptus trees. On one side of the square is a small, general service building for ticket sales and control cloakrooms, and public toilets. Turning toward the sea, the Lane of Honor (Allée d'Honneur) is a paved pathway containing a double row of Cyprus trees. At its terminus, the lane is enlarged to form a small, paved square, flanked by a fountain. The area is used for outdoor receptions.

The theater proper is an arena with fixed tier seating for an 1100 member audience. The intentionally asymmetrical plan is oriented toward the walls of Hammamet and is spiral-like in plan. The stage is 12 feet in diameter; movable seating tiers may be added on either side to vary both the seating and stage areas. On one side is an oversized claustra, an open structure whose seven bays may be closed by large, pivoting wooden shutters, for use as a scenic backdrop and for acoustics control. A large terrace extends from the orchestra level toward the sea. Below this terrace, taking advantage of the sloping site, are 15 double, 3 single and one large communal chamber for use as dressing, sleeping, meeting, and rehearsal rooms.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Hammamet, Tunisia
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