Le Royal Amman
Amman, Jordan
At nearly 110 m in height in the affluent district of Zahran, Le Royal Hotel was the tallest building in Jordan for over a decade. Designed with a 200 stair external staircase and a large open center, the design is intended to simultaneously evoke the minarets of Samarra and the hanging gardens of Babylon. The hotel has multi-storey car parking, recreation facilities, storage, a ballroom, meeting rooms, restaurants, a shopping center, and a swimming pool. 

Construction started in 1996 and was completed in 2002, the hotel met with a great deal of opposition during and after its construction. Many influential and esteemed architects objects to what they saw as it ostentatious style and inconsistency with the general architectural style of the city. Urban planners were also concerned about its large footprint and the congestion it would cause. 

A major renovation was carried out between 2012-2014, largely with an eye toward making the hotel more energy-efficient and to reduce its carbon footprint. 
Zahran St. 3rd Circle, Amman, Jordan
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2012-2014 renovation
4000 m2, 110 m high,
Variant Names
Le Royal Hotel
رويال عمان
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