Coopérative Agricole féminine Tafyoucht
Arbaa Mesti, Morocco

Located in Guelmim Oued-Noun, part of the Guelmim Province and Morocco's Argan producing region, the Tafyoucht Women's Cooperative for Agriculture was founded in 1998 by 57 original members.

The cooperative specializes in the production and marketing of Argan oil and its derivatives. Founded on the belief that

Improvements in the socio-economic status, health, and education of women has an immediate and lasting impact on the entire family and (contributes to) the preservation of the environment.
--La Coopérative Agricole féminine TAFYOUCHT. (2022, January 30). À propos de Nous.

The Tafyoucht cooperative is also dedicated to the promotion of Argan products both in Morocco and internationally. The association also works to develop a sustainable Argan industry, though progress toward this goal has proved challenging.(1)

Their facility is a production site for Argan oil and other products in which it is an ingredient, most notably Amlou (a paste made from Argan oil, honey, and almonds), blended oils, and cosmetics. The cooperative also has its own product analysis laboratory.


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La Coopérative Agricole féminine TAFYOUCHT. (2022, January 30). À propos de Nous. Tafyoucht. Translated from French by M. Toler. Retrieved May 9, 2022, from Archived at

Arbaa Mesti, Morocco
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