Khanah-i Aqazadah
Abarkuh, Iran
The Aqazadah house is a historic mansion in the city of Abarquh, Iran. It is thought to date to the end of the Qajar period. 

What is left of the house today probably represents only part of the original home. The plan's central feature is a large, rectangular courtyard. One enters the house through a portal in its southwest corner, which leads from the street onto an octagonal vestibule and then onto a bent corridor leading to the southwest corner of the courtyard. 

On the courtyard's north side, a two-story iwan opens facing south, flanked by ornate halls on its three interior sides. On the south side of the courtyard, a one-story panj-dari (ornate reception room with five windows) occupies the center of the facade, flanked by two, smaller sih-dari (three-windowed rooms). On the west side of the courtyard, three sih-dari rooms accessed via two alcoves open onto the courtyard. The east side of the courtyard is a wall with decorative niches placed opposite the doors and windows of the western facade to create a sense of visual harmony.

A monumental badgir (wind-catcher) rises another three stories in the northeastern corner of the complex. Its base adjoins one of the ornate panj-dari halls flanking the iwan.


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Abarkuh, Iran
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First quarter 20th/14h c. AH
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خانه اقازاده
Khanah-i Aghazadah
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