Buq'ah-i Shah Gharib
Anjudan, Iran
The mausoleum known as Shah Gharib is located in a graveyard behind one of the main mosques in the town of Anjudan, located 37 kilometers southeast of Arak in Central Iran. A wooden cenotaph inside the building names a certain Shah Mustansir bi'llah son of Shah 'Abd al-Salam as the dedicatee and is dated 29 August 1498/10 Muharram 904 AH.

The building is a domed octagon with shallow arched niches along its eight faces. Four of these niches take the form of iwans and have entrances at their rears into the tomb chamber. In a description of the site written in 1937, five graves were identified within the chamber in addition to the grave marked by the cenotaph mentioned above. Inscriptions on these read: Mirza Baqir (d. 1632-3/1043 AH), Hisama (?) Khalil-Allah (d. 1634/1043), Nuri Dahr (d. 1658-9/1069), Shah Khalil-Allah (d. 1680/1090 AH), and Mihin Mirza (d. 1671/1081 AH).


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Registration number in Fihrist-i Asar-i Milli-i Iran: 2453. Date of registration: 19/7/1378 (Solar Hijri).

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: دانشنامۀ تاریخ معماری و شهرسازی ایران‌شهر

شمارهٔ ثبت در فهرست آثار ملى ايران:۲۴۵۳.  تاریخ ثبت: ۱۳۷۸/۰۷/۱۹

Anjudan, Iran
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1498/904 AH
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بقعه شاه‌ غريب
Boq'eh-e Shah Gharib
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