Aramgah-i Shah Qalandar
Anjudan, Iran
The building known as Shah Qalamdar is a mausoleum (buq'ah or aramgah) located in the town of Anjudan, 37 kilometers east of Arak in Central Iran. Anjudan (also spelled Anjedan) was a thriving town in the 15th-16th/9th-10th century A.H., when it was a center for the revival of Nizari Isma'ilism, which had disappeared from view after the defeat of the Isma'ili stronghold of Alamut in the 13th/6th century A.H. An inscribed wooden cenotaph inside the mausoleum named the dedicatee as Shah Mustansir bi'llah and is dated 1480/885 AH.

Shah Qalamdar is an octagonal structure with a central dome resting on a high drum. The dome is roofed with a conical vault on the outside. An entrance iwan marks the main portal to the tomb chamber. Two grated windows open from the sides of the building. The structure has very little ornamentation aside from a simple kar-bandi design on the vault of the entrance portal, and the aforementioned wooden cenotaph. 


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Registration number in Fihrist-i Asar-i Milli-i Iran: 2352. Date of registration: 19/7/1378 (Solar Hijri).

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: دانشنامۀ تاریخ معماری و شهرسازی ایران‌شهر

شمارهٔ ثبت در فهرست آثار ملى ايران:۲۴۵۲.  تاریخ ثبت: ۱۳۷۸/۰۷/۱۹

Anjudan, Iran
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1480/885 AH
Variant Names
آرامگاه شاه قلندر
Aramgah-e Shah Qalandar
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