Jami' al-Kabir (Nizwa)
Nizwa, Oman
The Great Mosque of Central Nizwa sits just to the northeast of the citadel, adjacent to its large circular keep. The present-day mosque sits on the site of a historic mosque that is no longer standing. It was built in the late seventies or early eighties of the twentieth century. Aerial photographs of the city taken in 1971 show the old great mosque still standing. 

The mosque comprises a square building with a central courtyard adjoined on its west side by a rectangular prayer hall whose ceilings rise to a greater height than the courtyard building on the east side. A green onion dome sitting on a cylindrical drum pierced with windows covers the central bay of the prayer hall.


Costa, Paolo. Historic Mosques and Shrines of Oman, 53. Oxford: Archaeopress, 2001.
Nizwa, Oman
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Associated Names
ca. 1975-1980
Variant Names
Jami' al-Kabir (Nizwa)
جامع نزوى الكبير
Jami' Nizwa al-Kabir
Jami' Nazwa al-Kabir
Alternate transliteration
Great Mosque of Nizwa
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