Muttrah Fish Market
Muscat, Oman
The new market celebrates the continuity of the region’s trade and fishing traditions, while also catering to Oman’s growing tourism industry. Situated at Muttrah’s harbour, a top tourist attraction, it houses a rooftop restaurant in addition to the market itself. The design exemplifies contextual regionalism, respecting the scale and integrity of the traditional context whilst adding new and dynamic elements. The curved wall that defines its spine reflects the radial shape of the corniche and bay area, and has light-filtering pierced decoration. The canopy’s form was inspired by the sinuous flow of Arabic calligraphy, exploiting the play of light and shadow. Its aluminium fins provide shade, natural ventilation and an ephemeral appearance that contrasts with the simple solidity of the concrete structure below.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Muscat, Oman
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Completed 2017
5,769 m²
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