Jarahieh School
Al-Marj, Lebanon
The school provides not only educational facilities for children from 300 Syrian refugee families, but is also a hub for community activities and the settlement’s only secure shelter in the event of snowstorm or earthquake. An adaptation of the Expo 2015 Save the Children Italy Pavilion in Milan, it is a source of pride for the community who helped redesign and build it. The open-sided pavilion was transformed into a series of enclosed spaces around a courtyard through a participative process that used envisioning exercises, focus groups and interviews to engage with children, NGOs, municipality members, teachers and parents. All transformation materials were locally sourced, including sheep’s wool to insulate against cold and heat, regulate humidity, resist fire and provide sound insulation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Al-Marj, Lebanon
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Completed 2016
422 m²
Variant Names
Jarahieh School
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Aga Khan Award for Architecture Shortlisted Project