Ahmedabad, India
The building complex called "Sangath" has a total floor space of 473 square metres and is located on a flat 2425 square metres site on the fringe of Ahmedabad in India. The complex is an ensemble of vaulted and flat roofed buildings of differing heights juxtaposed at a number of varying angles and arranged around a large, terraced entrance court. The court contains a fountain surrounded by split level pools. A number of exterior surfaces including the vaulted roofs, which take precedence, are covered with white irregularly shaped mosaic tiles. Some of the buildings have been sunk below ground level so that certain vaulted roofs rise only to eye level. The entire complex is contained within a walled rectangular area. The complex houses a number of activities in its component parts. The design studios are housed in a double height volume surmounted by two vaults; between them lies a flat roofed area that permits light to enter the end-walls of eacn vault. Perpendicular to this wing is a block of four vaulted units. The two units facing the entrance court rise to a triple height and house an architect's office, conference room, lounge, and service area on the ground floor. First and second floors house the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation and guest area.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Ahmedabad, India
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