Northwest Frontier Province House
Islamabad, Pakistan
The Center provides accommodations for officers of the North West Frontier Government and VIP's on mission to the capital, Islamabad. The complex is located in a prestigious and rapidly developing section of the Pakistani capital. There are panoramic views of the hills and a dammed lake. The, three hectare site is an undulating parcel that rises six meters from the south. The complex is organized as a "V" shape , and is comprised of a central reception hall with dining and multipurpose halls and two covered passages that connect the eight distinct housing blocks. These units are arranged hierarchically (i.e., size, privacy, and site location and orientation) to reflect the occupant's respective positions within the government. They consist of:
-Two two-story suites, the more prominently sited for the Prime Minister, the other for the Governor;
-Two single-story suites for the military secretary;
-A two-story block of 5 double room suites for VIP'S , with a large roof terrace;
-A single-story dormitory for attendants, with five private rooms;
-Two double-story blocks for officials, one with ten double and the other with ten single rooms.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Islamabad, Pakistan
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