'Imarat-i Divan-Khanah
Shiraz, Iran
The Divan-Khanah comprises one of a group of buildings surrounding the Maidan-i Toop-Khanah square in Shiraz, commissioned by Karim Khan Zand. The building was originally situated at the end of a rectangular garden facing the north side of the square. During the Qajar era, the structure was converted into a facility for the Iranian Telegraph Office and surrounded by other office buildings; as of 2015, renovations are underway to restore the original plan. The building is notable for its large central veranda, which features a plinth decorated with bas-reliefs, as well as for its Zand and Qajar wall paintings.

Source: Haji-Qassemi, Kambiz. Ganjnameh: Cyclopaedia of Iranian Islamic Architecture. Vol. 20: Palaces and Gardens (Part Two). Tehran: Shahid Beheshti University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Documentation and Research Center, 1996.
Karim Khan Zand avenue, 22 Bahman street, Shiraz, Iran
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circa 1751-79/1164-1193 AH
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Variant Names
عمارت دیوانخانه
Divan-Khaneh Building
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