Hamad Bin Khalifa University College of Islamic Studies (QFIS)
Doha, Qatar

The Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies building (QFIS) - comprising both the university and the Education City Mosque - is located in the northeastern section of the Qatar Foundation's Education City in Doha. QFIS was designed by Mangera Yvars Architects, with Ada Yvars Bravo as the lead designer of the project. 

The QFIS building is 35,000 square meters. Its design is based on historical Islamic precedents, with geometric patterns and Qur'anic calligraphy on its exterior, and its emphasis on the Qur'anic relationship of "Knowledge and Light." The plan is a coiled arrangement of classrooms and offices which lead seamlessly into the mosque. There are two minarets, four Islamic gardens along the perimeter of the building, and a calligraphic courtyard in the center.

Education City Mosque has a capacity of 1800 people in its main prayer hall and 1000 in its courtyard outside. The goal for the mosque is the leading community-focused mosque in Qatar, offering a number of events as well as being a place for prayer. It serves the university and Education City, as well as the public in greater Doha and the surrounding Al Rayyan area.


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Doha, Qatar
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2015 (Opened)
35,000 square meters
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Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
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