Plaza Hotel (TID Tower)
Tirana, Albania
Seeking to combat the chaos of post-communist illegal development and to reinstall the sense of the city as a collective space, former mayor Edi Rama instigated the creation of a masterplan for a pedestrianised centre flanked by two parallel rows of towers. One of these is the 85-metre-tall TID Tower. The goal was to construct a building specific to Tirana which would be unimaginable in Europe. Its form - elliptical base rising to rectangular top, and faced with angled polished concrete panels - captures the Mediterranean light and frees up space on the ground. An open-air galleria between it and the adjacent glass building activates the public ground floor. A small concrete structure with hollowed-out quarter-dome embraces city founder Suleiman Pasha’s tomb. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tirana, Albania
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Completed 2016
46'000 m²
Variant Names
Plaza Hotel (TID Tower)
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