Oxygen Park
Doha, Qatar
Oxygen Park is the landscaping of the 1,400-hectare Education City campus, and the park features shaded running tracks, subterranean pitches for team sports, equestrian facilities, and other recreational and gathering areas.  Inspired by land formations and wind-eroded rocks that characterise the Qatari desert, CFD techniques (computational fluid dynamics) were used to design the park’s land formations and to maximise the effects of passive cooling. The pathways and running tracks are embedded in the topography with looping tracks, cooled tunnel segments, and steep hills; night-time lighting and water elements enhance evening sports activities.  There are over 130,000 square metres of green space, 7,000 metres of pathways and shaded or covered walkways, and gardens containing more than 100 plant species.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Doha, Qatar
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Completed 2017
130'000 m²
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