Sheikh Abdullah bin Qasim Al Thani Palace
Doha, Qatar
The Old Amiri Palace was the seigneurial residence of Sheikh Abdullah bin Qasim Al Thani, Sheikh of Qatar (1880-1957). The Al Thani family lived in the complex until 1923 when they moved closer to government operations in the central part of Doha. Since 1975, the complex has served as a heritage museum. It was restored, with a new three-level museum building added to make up Qatar's National Museum, which was completed in 1977. The added three-level Museum of State was later demolished and replaced with the new National Museum of Qatar, which opened in 2019. The Old Amiri Palace was refurbished in 2015 in preparation for its inclusion in the new National Museum of Qatar.

The palace design did not follow one overarching plan, but instead was added to over time. Identification of the complex's buildings include the family dwellings of Sheikhs Abdullah, Hamed, and Ali, a watchman's quarters, quarters of the mosque janitor, public apartments (majlis), and the walls enclosing the complex (housh). 


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Doha, Qatar
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Early 20th century CE/14th century AH
Variant Names
Sheikh Abdullah bin Qasim Al Thani Palace
Palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Qasim Al Thani
Old Amiri Palace
قصر الشيخ عبدالله بن جاسم آل ثاني
Fariq Al Salatah Palace
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