Islamic Centre (Leicester)
Leicester, United Kingdom

The Islamic Centre of Leicester was originally established in 1968 on Sutherland Street by Pakistani Muslims who had settled in Leicester. That facility is still in use, but as the community grew the need for a new center became increasingly evident. The Trustees and Management Council from the Centre started a project to raise the funds, and on 27 August 1988 the cornerstone was laid for the Islamic Centre now on Conduit Street, adjacent to the railway station and the city’s cultural quarter, in an area with a significant Muslim population.

The mosque complex includes a main prayer hall, offices, a school, a community hall, a sports hall, imam’s residence, a mortuary, guest house and parking lots. Additional parking is located across the street. The complex was realized in 3 phases, beginning with the main prayer hall accommodating 1500 people. It features a coffered ceiling with a large dome lined with with three decorative bands at the base. Below the crown moulding, the top band contains circular windows with geometric motifs created in stained glass, and decorations composed of Arabic calligraphy and vegetal motifs. Below this is a shorter, middle band that also features calligraphy and vegetal motifs, and a bottom band equal in height to the top, with similar decoration.

The windows of the prayer hall are contained in tall, pointed arches. On the exterior, these are framed by bricks that are darker than the rest of the red brick facade. The mihrab is decorated with glazed tile featuring floral arabesques and the various names of God. There are two smaller niches on each side of the main mihrab.

The second phase consisted of the basement ablution area, ground floor reception, offices, and a women's prayer space and ablution facilities. 

The final phase added the school, community hall, Imams' residence, mortuary and guest house.


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Conduit St, Leicester, United Kingdom
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