Wafra Wind Tower
Kuwait City, Kuwait

In the Salmiya area of Kuwait City, the 13-storey building contains twelve duplex apartments and a rooftop penthouse. Conceived by the architects as a wind tower, it features a central, vertical courtyard that provides natural ventilation to each apartment unit. Circulation stairs and elevators are located on the southern side of the tower and provide insulation against solar penetration; the other façades are designed to provide natural lighting, cross ventilation, and good views, especially those on the north that face the sea. Each apartment is provided with shaded balconies, and all of them give onto the central courtyard. The tower rises from a plinth that contains public areas, including a pool and a gym.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Occupancy 2017
Site area: 1,057 m²; Built area: 7,509 m²
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