Oculus Staff Quarters
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Built at low cost as an oasis for staff working on the Jaffna Wind Power Plant and their guests, the Oculus was designed for minimal impact on its setting of tidal mudflats and seasonal grasslands, using local materials and finishes that blend in.  Its name derives from the central roof opening, which admits light and collects rainwater in a skim pool that mirrors monsoonal pools outside.  The largely open-sided, high-ceilinged, raised ground-floor living area seems to bring the wild landscape inside.  Reached by a sculptural spiral staircase and flanking another living area, the bedrooms upstairs each have a bathroom open to a sky courtyard for natural ventilation.  Double screens offer the option of filtered light in the harsh Jaffna sun.


Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
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Completed 2015
390 m²
Variant Names
Oculus Staff Quarters
Building Usages
guest house