Museum of Prehistoric Life
Bornova, Turkey
Excavations at the Neolithic settlement of Yesilova Höyük reveal that its wooden framing remained visible inside. This visitor centre reflects that structure by leaving the steel framing of its three linear blocks visible. The north-eastern block includes archaeological laboratories and accommodation. The museum block is central, widest and tallest. Visitor entrance and café are in the south-western block. The enveloping façades on this side are of reinforced concrete, painted red - the colour of most Neolithic household items. Those to the north-east are of translucent polycarbonate. A giant concrete torch form balances the horizontality, rising through the site viewing platform that opens off the exhibition space. A "time travel" programme offers active learning through an outdoor simulation of the ancient settlement.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bornova, Turkey
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Completed 2014
5,120 m²
Variant Names
Museum of Prehistoric Life
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