Islamic Academy
Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russian Federation

The academy complex contains seven buildings; the main academic building is connected by glass corridors to six two-storey residential blocks for students, teachers, and administrative staff. Taking inspiration from traditional madrasas, the seven buildings are arranged around a central, glass-covered courtyard. The main block contains a library, meeting facilities, classrooms, and a double-height mosque whose prayer hall features a glass dome. The academy serves over a hundred international doctoral and master’s candidates in the field of Islamic Studies. The dormitories contain 110 rooms, and the residential blocks serve 150 teachers and staff. The complex also features a gymnasium and sports hall, and a swimming pool.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
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Completed 2017
12,021 m²
Variant Names
Islamic Academy
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higher education facility
higher education