Cottage Resort

The owner/client is a contractor with a lifelong passion for rescuing heritage features from old buildings consigned to waste during redevelopment and demolition projects. This holistically designed house, guest house and garden gather his collections of both architectural elements and plants together into a private cultural and recreational resort. The salvaged elements include wooden doors, windows, mashrabiyas and handrails; metal window fittings and doors; re-polished local decorative Nabulsi tiles; columns; and marble. Interior lighting is made of smelted old glass. The low-tech but creative construction techniques use natural materials suitable for the Mediterranean coastal climate. Broken leftovers of wooden strips used in concrete construction were nailed together to form a dome on the open-sided rooftop pavilion with its sea views. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

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926 m²
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Cottage Resort
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vacation village/resort