Tepe Rustam
Balkh, Afghanistan
Tepe Rustam is a mound located to the south of the modern city of Balkh, some 700 meters south of the medieval city wall, containing the ruins of a stupa. Some scholars believe this to be the remains of the shrine associated with the monastery of Naw Bahar described by a Chinese pilgrim who visited the site in the seventh century CE. The nearby ruin known as Takht-i Rustam has been tentatively identified as a monastery. Whatever its identity, it was one of the largest stupas north of the Indian subcontinent and must have been a grand building, indeed. 


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Balkh, Afghanistan
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Associated Names
2nd-4th c. CE
Style Periods
54 sq. m (area of platform); ca. 60 m (height)
Variant Names
تپه رستم
Tapa Rustam
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