Debbaneh Palace Museum
Saida, Lebanon

The Debbaneh palace was built in 1721 by Ali Agha Hammoud, and was initially designated as part of an Islamic Waqf. Ali Agha Hammoud also sponsored the nearby Madrassa of A’aisha and the Al-Qishle Khan as part of a series of endownments to the waqf. It was purchased by the Debbaneh Family in the 19th century and turned into their primary residence. The palace is embellished in the Damascene style, and was listed as a national monument in 1968. In 1999, the Debbane Foundation was created to conduct the restoration the building and convert it into a museum of domestic Arab-Ottoman architecture.

The renovations work are currently underway at the Palace, with visitors only being able to access the main Liwan and its accessory rooms. The remainder of the complex, which includes a Hammam, several rooms and another courtyard are being converted into a museum of Saida. 

Al Moutran Street, Saida, Lebanon
Associated Names
Built by Ali Agha Hammoud
Listed as a National Monument
Style Periods
Variant Names
Dar Debbaneh
Beit Debbaneh