Al-Kikhya Mosque
Saida, Lebanon

The Kikhya Mosque was constructed in 1623AD / 1033 H. by Mustapha Katakhda. It is built around a large central courtyard of multiple levels dedicated to the open air teaching of the Qur’an and act as extensions of the interior prayer space. The courtyard also includes a water well and a fountain. The mosque’s main prayer space is topped with 6 domes of which the central one, above an intricately crafted white marble Minbar, is the tallest. A school makes up part of the mosque complex. The mosque was renovated in 1996 by the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Development. 

Al Madina al-'Atiqa; the Old City , Saida, Lebanon
Associated Names
Renovated by the Hariri Foundation
Mosque is Completed by Mustapha Katakhda
Style Periods
Variant Names
Mustapha Katakhda Mosque
Jami' al-Kikhya
Building Usages