Zawiyya al-Kaylaniyya
Hama, Syria
The Zawiya al-Kaylaniyya was a zawiya and mosque located on the right (west) bank of the Orontes river in Hama, Syria. It is named after the noble family al-Kaylani, descendents of the founder of the Qadiriyya Sufi order, 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani. The Kaylanis of Hama apparently can trace their liniage back at least to the 14th/8th century AH, when a member of the family, the Shaykh thought to have founded the zawiya. The building took its modern form, however, in the 18th/12th century AH when a descendent rebuit the zawiya and added onto it. The surrounding neighborhood, which included lavish residences built by the same family, became known as al-Kaylaniyya.

The Zawiya al-Kaylaniyya was destroyed in February 1982 during the violent suppression of an anti-Ba'thist uprising against the Hafiz al-Asad.


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مصادر عربية

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Hama, Syria
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Associated Names
destroyed in 1982/1402 AH
originally founded ca. first half 14th/8th c. AH
Variant Names
الزاوية الكيلانية
al-Zawiya al-Kaylaniyya
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