Dancing Mountain House
Semarang, Indonesia

Inspired by childhood memories of openness and space sharing, the house-and-library was commissioned by a couple of retired lecturers to share their book collection with the community. It maximises the use of locally available materials (bamboo, clay, stone, bricks), including some from abandoned houses. Built by local people using indigenous knowledge, particularly of bamboo structural systems and stonework, it echoes both the area’s traditional building forms and those of the surrounding mountains. Skylights allow daylighting, and a glass façade with openable elements gives views to the garden and tropical forest outside from all public areas - library, kitchen, lounge, dining room, family room. These form a free-flowing space, with only the bedrooms remaining enclosed behind. Water is heated via solar panels.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Semarang, Indonesia
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Completed 2014
320 m²
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