Rumah Miring
Surabaya, Indonesia
Five principles form the basis of the building’s design: Islam; human; nature; urban; unfinished. Islam because - in line with Indonesia’s traditional architecture and unlike the modern paradigm - there is no separation between sacred and secular. The client wanted not only a family home but also a religious oasis for local people’s recitation activities. While the front part is oriented towards the road, the rear mass is tilted towards the qibla - hence the name Rumah Miring (Sloping House). Human because it reinstated local craftspeople’s role in building design. Nature thanks to the natural ventilation and lighting. Urban through reserving 60% of the site for public open space. Unfinished because of the materials - notably concrete - left in a near-raw state: low-budget, low-maintenance.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Surabaya, Indonesia
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Completed 2016
238 m²
Variant Names
Rumah Miring
Building Usages
private residence