Museum of the Bolgar Civilisation
Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russian Federation

The 7-storey museum is located within a historic archaeological reserve and built into the upper bank of the Volga River. From the upper plateau, the museum appears as a single-storey pavilion with glass roof; the remaining floors are concealed by the slope of the site. Seen from the river, the complex features the main building and two towers -- these three components symbolise the Tatar cities of Bolgar, Suvar, and Bilyar. The main exhibition space is on the third and fourth floors, with over 1,600 items on display. The riverside location required special engineering; the principal building material is reinforced concrete and the exterior façades are clad in white stone. Contemporary information technologies are used to complement the physical exhibitions.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russian Federation
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Completed 2013
5,170 m²
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