Odubela Furniture and Co. Building
Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is known for its abundance of colonial and Afro-Brazilian structures, which is characterized by Odubela Furniture and Co. Building. Unlike many Afro- Brazilian buildings with a rectangular shaped plan, this building is marked by a unique symmetry, derived from its square plan. It has a large inscription: "AO Odubela and Sons Cabinet Makers and Building Contractors" on the top part of its facade indicating that the building was once used for the sales of building materials and the making of furniture before it was sold and demolished. The Odubela family is a prominent Ijebu family with a significant presence in Lagos. This small yet interesting building of theirs is amongst many other buildings that are demolished to give way for skyscrapers and other newer building projects. However, the loss of these buildings only adds to the continuous loss of heritage in our society.

The building has no windows or vents which might have caused inadequate ventilation within the building. The most unique part of the building was its curved pediment. The full length of the pediment is spread evenly across the edges of the building that face the road. This differs from the single-length pediment of many Afro-Brazilian buildings and was made possible by its location at the intersection of 313, Herbert Macaulay Road and Borno Way. The building is made of burnt bricks which were painted in green pastel. There are four hooded large entrances into the building; two of which are facing Herbert Macaulay Road and the other two facing Borno Way. Each of these doorways is approximately 1.8 meters wide to aid the display and transportation of furniture. The hoods of the doorways are seated comfortably on a carefully crafted curved concrete piece, an attribute of colonial and Afro- Brazilian buildings.

Ogunsetan Abdullah September 4, 2020

Edited by Jola Idowu

313 Herbert Macaulay Way, Alagomeji-Yaba , Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
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