Reconstruction of Children's Land Centre
8G3PHG49+7F, Palestine

The original Children’s Land kindergarten was destroyed by Israel’s military operation in 2014, and the new kindergarten stands as the architects’ response to the destruction of war, the creation of a inside-facing, sheltered oasis for the Bedouin families of the village of Um al Nasser. The construction area has two main components: the kindergarten, and an infirmary (not yet built) and the pre-existing women’s centre. The key design element is the Nubian vault, of compressed earth blocks made on site, around an internal porch and playgrounds. The repeated vault design houses classrooms, director’s room, teacher’s room, toilets and shared classroom, and the children use the spaces formed between vaults for play. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

8G3PHG49+7F, Palestine
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Completed 2017
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Reconstruction of Children's Land Centre
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