Bayt Maktabi
Aleppo, Syria

Large courtyard house located in the Bab Qinnasrin Quarter of Aleppo, immediately to the east of al-Bimaristan al-Arghuni, with which it shares a wall, and in the block of buildings across the road south of the Adiliyya Mosque.

The house is accessed through a door off a blind alley on its east side, which leads directly onto the east side of the large central courtyard. The courtyard is oriented north to south, with a large iwan rising two stories on its south side. Off each side of the iwan are enclosed rooms.

The north facade of the courtyard leads onto the house's main reception hall (qa'a). The qa'a is T-shaped in plan, consisting of a sunken central bay rising two stories and covered with a dome, giving onto three square bays to the north, east, and west, each one step up from the central domed bay. In photographs of the house taken in the 1980s, two of these bays have been walled off with a wooden partition.

The east side of the courtyard gives onto several smaller rooms. A staircase leads onto a balcony and a large, rectangular room with many windows, three of which face onto the courtyard on its southeast corner. These courtyard-facing, second-story windows are distinguished by their decorations, including alternating courses of black and white stone (ablaq) and a lunette with vegetal ornament.

The west side of the courtyard gives onto a single room and a stairwell leading to a balcony, but otherwise is bare, forming a wall with the neighboring Bimaristan Arghuni.

In the southwestern corner of the courtyard, a staircase leads onto a second story room adjacent to the iwan.

The location of the house in relation to the adjoining structures is shown on this detailed plan of the neighborhood, where it is labeled House 3, according to a survey undertaken by Stefano Bianca.


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Bab Qinnasrin Quarter, Aleppo, Syria
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House 3
بيت مكتبي
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