Charles Correa Foundation Office (Charles Correa Now)
Goa, India

The Charles Correa Foundation (CCF) office in Panjim is a repository of all his projects. The office is located in a portion of a 118-year-old house in Panjim, which Charles bought in 2008-2009 when he was working on Goa's regional plan. He worked with civil engineer Rahul Deshpande and architect Arminio Ribeiro to design the foundation office. The roof slab was cast on columns and load-bearing walls. Correa also worked on the murals in the interiors of the office, as Tahir Noronha, the Convener of CCF, told me.

Moving around the foundation, one can see elements of Correa's works spread across India. As soon as you open the door, You come across a vast, hand-drawn plan of the parliament of Madhya Pradesh; the Vidhan Bhawan Bhopal hangs on the left wall. A portrait of Charles is kept on the table on the right as if he is greeting you. The use of the courtyard, the proportions of the building, and the choice of primary colours remind of the houses Correa designed. The ground floor has office space with the desks of research fellows and Foundation employees. As you climb up the internal staircase, you will find a scale model of Kanchanjunga Apartments (Luxury apartments in Mumbai) almost the size of a human - it feels like coming face to face with one of his most famous projects. The first floor houses a small library, a meeting room, and a kitchen. As the building was recently built, not much has changed in the last few years.

-Nipun Prabhakar, 2021

Charles Correa Foundation Education Research & Development on Human Settlements 169, St. Sebastian Chapel Road Fontainhas Panaji, Goa, India
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Constructed late 19th-early 20th c.
restored 2010-2011
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Fontainhas Studio
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