Antiguo Cuartel de Regulares De Tetuán
Tetouan, Morocco

These barracks were built on Jebel Darsa (جبل درسة) for the Regulares (Spanish forces recruited from the local population). The structure is adjacent to the Adives Kasbah to the northwest of the Medina. One of the first constructions outside the medina, it is adjacent to the northern fortifications and medina walls. The barracks have been abandoned since independence, and are currently in a state of ruin.High on the hill, the site overlooks the medina and Ensache areas of Tetouan.


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Tetouan, Morocco
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ca. 1913
Abandoned 1956
Style Periods
Variant Names
Antiguo Cuartel de Regulares De Tetuán
ثكنة ريكولاريس العسكرية بتطوان
Former Barracks of Regular Forces
قصبة تطوان
Spanish Kasbah
Building Usages