Demirbükü Houses Clubhouse
Bodrum, Turkey

Currently a sales office for a planned luxury summer housing complex, the building will eventually serve as its beach restaurant, and represents the intended overall architectural approach - balancing traditional and contemporary. Built quickly (4 months), at low cost, with minimal environmental impact, it is integrated into its context of forest and seaside. Visitors are plunged into nature as the access path passes through existing trees and crosses a stream. The building is a large platform shaded by a pergola, with volumes inserted as separate elements between, facilitating future alterations. The structure is a steel frame on piles, with glass façades to the volumes, bamboo louvres for sun protection, wooden floors and ceilings, and retaining walls of stone excavated on site.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Bodrum, Turkey
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Completed 2017
721 m²
Variant Names
Demirbükü Houses Clubhouse
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Commerce Facilities