Bagh-e-Mirza Kamran (MEGT)
Lahore, Pakistan
The earliest known garden in Lahore was laid out by Mirza Kamran, brother of Emperor Humayun (r. 1530–1540, 1555–1556). The baradari and part of the original garden stand in the middle of an island in the river Ravi. It was initially located on the west bank of the river. The Kamran garden was the setting for a major conference of Mughal princes in 1540, while Humayun was in the process of being driven out of India by Sher Shah Suri. Akbar traveled across the Ravi by boat in 1591 and enjoyed the spring flowers there, and he made another journey there during spring the following year. Jahangir also stayed there in 1606 when he reached Lahore while pursuing his rebellious son, Prince Khusrau. The garden was badly damaged by a flood, but the baradari still survives. In 1986–1987, massive repairs were carried out in the garden and missing parts of the baradari were restored.
Source: Court Chronicle, 16th-early 17th century

-Abdul Rehman, Munazzah Akhtar


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Originally published at: Rehman, Abdul, and Munazzah Akhtar. “Bagh-e-Mirza Kamran.” Middle East Garden Traditions. Dumbarton Oaks, November 18, 2014. Archived at:

Lahore, Pakistan
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Dates of attested life: 1527- 18th century
Date of entry of information: August 2007
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Bagh-e-Mirza Kamran
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