Convent of San Francisco, Alhambra (MEGT)
Granada, Spain
The Convent of San Francisco was founded by Ferdinand and Isabella on a Nasrid palace, which included a courtyard similar to that of the Generalife. An acequia surrounded by four flowerbeds ran along its axis. This palace seems to date to the reign of Muhammad III (1302–1309). After the Christian conquest, the palace was donated to the Franciscan friars for founding a convent. Only a small part of the original garden was included in the cloister and few original structures have survived. Most of the building was destroyed.
Antonio Orihuela Uzal, Casas y palacios nazaríes, 71–80.

-Antonio Almagro, Luis Ramón-Laca

Originally published at: Almagro, Antonio, and Luis Ramón-Laca. “Cities and Gardens of Muslim Spain.” Middle East Garden Traditions. Dumbarton Oaks, May 8, 2017. Archived at:

s/n Calle Real de la Alhambra, Granada, Spain
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Dates of attested life: 1302/1309- 16th century
Date of entry of information: April 2007
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Convent of San Francisco, Alhambra
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